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Somaliland’s constitution guarantees fundamental rights and freedoms, including that every citizen who fulfils the requirements of the law has the right to be elected to a public office and to vote. In order to vote at any given


a citizen should be a registered voter as stipulated by Voter Registration Act 2007 – as amended in 2014.

The National Electoral Commission executes its duties under the following laws:

  1. The Voter Registration Law 2007, as amended in 2014 & changed as Civil and Voter Registration Law (Law No: 37/2007)
  2. Somaliland Voter Registration & Election Regulations
  3. Voter Registration & Election Code of Conducts
  4. The Presidential and Local Councils Elections Law 2001 (Law No. 20/ 2001)
  5. The House of Representatives Election Law 2005 (Law No. 20‐2/2005)
  6. Political Parties/Associations Law (Law No. 14/2001) and it Amendments in 2011