Election Results

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2001 – Constitutional Referendum

On 31st May 2001, Somaliland held constitutional referenda at which  97% of the voters approved the constitution and 3% rejected it

  • Total Votes – 1,187, 833
  • Valid Votes – 1,183,242
  • Invalid Votes – 4,591
  • YES Votes – 1,148,940
  • NO Votes –    34,302

2012 Local Council Elections

The first national popular elections on the multiparty system were held on December 15, 2002. Six political associations contested and three of them qualified as national political parties.

  • Total votes cast 440,067

2003 Presidential Election

On April14, 2003 Somaliland held its first Presidential elections contested by three political parties.

The Somaliland National Electoral Commission managed in four months to successfully implement two free and fair elections (the Local Council Elections, in December 2002, and the Presidential elections, in April 2003).

  • Total votes casted – 488,680

2005 House of Representative Elections

On September 25, 2005 the people of Somaliland directly elected the House of Representatives for the first time by popular vote, in which 246 candidates from six electoral regions contested 82 Seats.

  • Total votes – 670,328

2008 -2009 Voter registration

After 2005 Parliamentary elections, political stakeholders agreed to establish the first voter registry.

  • Close to 1.2 million voters registered in period of four months.

2010 Presidential Election

On June26,  2010 Somaliland held its second presidential elections.

It was a historic moment in crossing a critical threshold in the democratization process by holding a second presidentialelection and a peaceful transfer of power from the incumbent president to the opposition leader.

  • The total number of votes cast was 538,246 (is this correct? It looks low- andy)

2012 Local Council Elections

The Somaliland parliament amended local council election laws to allow new political associations to participate.Nearly 15 Associations were registered and, after vetting, only five associations qualified to participate in the 2012 election, along with other two existing political parties.

  • 2,368 candidates contested 379 seats
  • More than 820,000 People casted their votes