Organisational Structure

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SLNEC Commissioners – Nomination Procedures

The Commission consists of seven members. Three members are nominated by the President, two are nominated by the House of Elders, and the remaining two are nominated by the registered “opposition” political parties. The nominations are then confirmed by the House of Representatives.  The term of office of the Commission is 5 years.

Secretariat (H.Q):

The Somaliland National Electoral Commission has a professional secretariat responsible for managing day to day operations. The  NEC has 14 Departments composed of:

  1. Director General
  2. Department of Operations
  3. Department of Voter Registration & IT
  4. Department of Legal Affairs
  5. Department of Training
  6. Department of Voter Education
  7. Department of Warehousing
  8. Department of Logistics and Transport
  9. Department of Human Resource
  10. Department of Finance & Accounting
  11. Department of Security and Communication
  12. Department of Media and Public Relations
  13. Department of Procurement
  14. Department of Internal Auditing

Regional Offices:

Somaliland has six electoral regions ( Awdal, Marodi-jeeh, Saaxil, Togdheeer, Sool and Sanaag), sub-divided into 23 electoral districts.