Request for Quotation (RFQ)

Request for Quotation (RFQ)
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      Request for Quotation                 

                                                                                                             26 Sep 2017


  1. Introduction. The National Electoral Commission (NEC) is an independent institution in Somaliland, responsible to administer the election operations for Somaliland citizens. NEC is currently in process of preparation for the Presidential Election which will be held on 13 Nov 2017.


  1. The NEC is inviting all eligible suppliers to provide the Quotations for the following materials:


  • Lot 1- Regular Stationery Materials
  • Lot 2- Polling Staff Vest
  • Lot 3- Polling Station Training Manual


  1. This is public invitation method, and all eligible suppliers are encouraged to submit their offer.


  1. Quotation/Offers. The supplier must indicate all the information required and must incorporate the template provided attached, in their company business template, stamp it and provide information for: (1) Unit Price; (2) Total Price; (3) Delivery Time. The templates of goods required are attached below.


All the offers must be inserted in envelope, which will be sealed and stamped, and addressed to NEC Procurement Unit. The envelope must indicate Lot Number and Name (i.e. Lot 1, Regular Stationery Materials), and Company Name.


The suppliers cannot submit offers for partial lot, but only for the full lot (all items in the lot).


  1. The Purchase Order will be awarded to the lowest priced technically compliant and responsive Offeror.


  1. Submission Deadline. All the offers inserted in sealed envelope must be submitted to the NEC Commission no later than 30 Sept 2017, 11:00 AM hours, Hargesia Time.

Invitation to Bid

Election_Material_ Lot1-regular stationery materials

Election_Material_ L2 -poling staff Vest

Election_Material_ Lot3-Polling station traing Manual




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