NEC Press Release 12th April 2017

NEC Press Release 12th April 2017
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Date: 12th April 2017

Press Release

Dear Fellow Citizens,

Somaliland National Electoral Commission wishes to update the public in General on the progress made in the preparations for the voter card distribution process in Awdal and Sahil Regions and few coastal centers in Sanaag Region .  On 28th March 2017, the Commission published the key milestones of card distribution in the country and announced the immediate commencement of the voter card distribution exercise, from that date onward NEC is on course in the implementation of its plans.

This exercise is consistent with Articles 11 and 39 of the Civil and Voter Registration Act.  It is a very important exercise, which will ensure that all details of citizen registration documented during the registration exercise are recorded with correct registrant names and details, as well as the chosen registered location of the voter in order to ensure that voters can validly cast their ballot. In addition, the citizen will collect their voter ID cards during this display and distribution period.

As part of our preparation plan NEC accomplished the following milestones;-

  1. NEC had meetings with Amoud University in Borama, Barbera Maritime and Fisheries Academy and Golis University in Berbera and with the help of these Universities, NEC has finalized the recruitment of the voter card distribution staff.
  2. This week NEC contracted more than thirteen (13) Newspapers, fourteen (14) TVs Stations and one Radio station to broadcast Voter card distribution messages and from 1st April 2017, the public can access the NEC messages through different media outlets and NEC website (, Tweeter (@nec2017 and NEC Facebook (SLNEC). In addition, the Commission and its partners will soon kick-off a grass root outreach voter education campaign with designated teams who will visit all the card distribution locations to mobilize voters to collect their voter cards.
  3. Today, NEC will deploy eight (8) teams to assess more than 150 voter card distribution centers and this activity will take place from 12th April 2017 – 18th April 2017. Teams will visit all the locations and inspect the card distribution premises. During this mission, NEC teams will meet the public and inform them the upcoming voter card distribution.


  1. NEC held a series of meetings with government, political parties and members of the key stakeholders and the commission plans to engage with all stakeholders throughout the process

Card Distribution Key Dates of Awdal and Sahil Regions & Few Costal Centers in Sanaag Region .

No Task Duration ( Days) Start End Date Locations
1 Display and voter card distribution period in rural centers 5 29th April 2017 3rd May 2017 All rural centers + 12 Costal centers in Sanaag Region
2 Display and voter card distribution period of Urban centers  



29th April 2017


5th May 2017

All Urban centers – (Berbera and Borama cities)

Residual period at  Districts-level




6th May 2017


19th May 2017

Only District Offices – Saylac, Lughaya, Baki and Sheekh
4 Residual period at Regional Capitals  



8th May 2017


21st May 2017

Few locations in Borama and Berbera Cities


We would like to call all registered voters and specifically the voters in Awdal, Sahil and Sanaag coastal centers to collect their Voter Cards before the deadline and avoid acts of fraud and violation of laws during this card distribution period.


We will continue to update the public in general on a weekly basis.

Link  Press Release 12 April 2017



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